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    Classroom Environment

    Teacher in classroom

    The elementary classroom environment is an important one. It must be able to provide learning for each individual while still being able to maintain a level of control. We must take our kids into account. As if they would be more comfortable being in a small group or whole-class setting. Also teachers need to make sure that the other students aren't providing huge distractions from learning, and students with disabilities are treated fairly, so that they might have an equal learning opportunity too.

    School Curriculum

    Female pre-school teacher.

    The elementary school curriculum is geared towards teaching young students the basics of history, English, math, and science. These four core classes are designed to help young people learn and grow and hopefully will be able to distinguish a possible career choice for the future. Though that is the goal of the curriculum, it doesn't always work. Young children have short attention spans, and because the curriculum doesn't always take that into account, the teachers must take that into account and adapt their lesson plans accordingly.

    School Environment

    Children excited to read book.

    The school environment is one that is designed to keep students safe while also optimizing their ability to gain and retain knowledge. One way that the school is able to do this is by enforcing a dress code. A dress code is put in place to ensure that students come to school clothed, and that they are clothed appropriately. Utah has a stricter dress code than most other states, and because of that the students come to school dressed modestly and ready to learn.

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